This week’s question that got me thinking is from an email I received that said :

Recently somebody (an experienced person form the online space) told me that writing about ‘Everything’ is not good for the blog’s ranking, google crawling, SEO (and all other technical stuff).

So what’s your take on that?

On one level I cannot possibly identify with people who want to start blogging in today’s work environment – because I started blogging more than a decade ago and I didn’t think about starting, I just started. While I can attempt to empathize with the current market situation, I still won’t know what it’s like. On another level, I feel like the answer to the above question doesn’t just apply to “blogging” but to anything you want to do in life – you have to start somewhere, there’s risk involved, there will be trial and error, you will have to put in a lot of work and if you do it long enough, slowly, a pattern will emerge, which is when you can quantify what brings the most satisfaction to you. I still don’t particularly care about my blog’s ranking / SEO – I have some basics in place but that’s it – organic growth takes time, commitment and a LOT of blogging consistently. You could have all the possible SEO tools and shit content on your blog and that’s going to be of little value to anyone. As a friend of mine tweeted recently :

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

You make the best of what you have and roll with it. The times we live in, there are many “careers” that are emerging still where there are no precedents to follow – you do what feels right to you and adapt with the times. Same for blogging. But you have to start and keep at it. Blogging is still a new industry and just like the bloggers are still trying to figure out what works best for them, so are brands and PR agencies.

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