I love being able to answer interview questions by doing a video – if only it didn’t take so long to edit and export the file from within Adobe Premiere Pro! Anyway, that aside, this is a bonus episode for this week – the scheduled Wednesday 9 a.m. episode is up as usual. ( Considering my videos easily touch upwards of 1 GB per file upload, I’m now going to drastically reduce the quality of the videos while uploading – the video for this post is ~216mb only and it’s quite grainy and has visual artefacts – the meat is anyway in the stuff I’m saying so I guess this shouldn’t be a problem but let me know what you think please. Thanks for listening AND watching! )

I’m talking about what I think of “Influencer Marketing”. I’d been planning to talk about this subject with reference to the article in The Economic Times discussing the same subject and then Sonali from Social Samosa got in touch with me asking questions related to the same as well. So here I am, talking about the state of the “industry” *hint : I don’t think it is an industry by any measure*, what are the problems faced by both sides – clients and influencers, and what I think are the two key solutions to most of the problem : conversation and feedback.

The article that I refer to : Six things that are wrong with Influencer Marketing Programs by Shephali Bhatt for The Economic Times http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2015-11-10/news/68165071_1_groupm-tweets-brand and questions related to the State of Influencer Marketing questions posed by Sonali of Social Samosa http://www.socialsamosa.com Thanks Sonali and sorry to put you through 26 minutes!

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