“What if I tell them what I actually charge and then they say no? What if they just move on? I really want to work with this brand / person and I’m worried my rates might put them off!”

This is always a possibility – not because they don’t like you any more but because this is business and sometimes budgets don’t match up. It’s ok. Move on. There’s always next time – especially if you’re good at what you do – trust me, they will come back to you. If a prospective client is shopping only on the basis of price, they didn’t want to work with you because of your work anyway – they were more interested in retro-fitting talent into their budget. That’s not how I work at least – and if you want to get out of the rut of feeling fearful and guilty about the money you charge, I suggest you don’t work on the basis of “shiny” stuff either.

Build a relationship, do your best work, figure out why you charge what you charge and practice. There will always be gig that don’t work out and it isn’t always your loss that you didn’t “get” the gig – sometimes it’s the client’s loss that they were unable to get you on board. Yes. If they believe your work can add value to their brand, they’ll come back.

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