Trying out a new format here. I love reading book and I also love listening to audio books and for a long time I’ve wondered what would be a best way to share my favourites. I’m starting out by reading a few pages from one of my favourite stories in a book of short stories by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, Before And Then After. ( The link goes to where I usually go to find a price comparison of the book I want to buy on all the online stores in India – it’s not an affiliate link. )

Meenakshi’s blog : Compulsive Confessions

Meenakshi on social media : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

What do you think? Should I talk about some more of my favourite books? Most of them are in audio format, so that will be interesting – I won’t be able to read excerpts. But then the books that are my absolute favourites can be usually found on me in audio format and also paperback – sometimes I need to dog ear and underline and make notes in the margins.

Download Audio-Only here : #15-The-Naina-Redhu-Experience_Before-And-Then-After-Book

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