Thank you Sonia, for asking these questions. The questions were :

So, I have a bunch of questions about time management. I’m basically just curious about what it’s like to map out your own workday, but I’ll be more specific :

How do you structure your day, and how has that changed since the beginning of your blogging career?
Do you set up daily deadlines for yourself, or do you build your schedule around the bigger deadlines that arise from outside sources (like collaborations with brands or events you plan to attend)?
Are there any trends in self discipline you find are lacking in the online community, and what are some of the bigger mistakes newer artists should avoid making?
Lastly, do you prefer to keep a tight schedule during the week, or do you like to give yourself room for experimentation?

Download Audio-Only here : #21-TheNainaRedhuExperience_Time-Management-How-I-Work

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