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( All photos from Sandro Lacarbona’s Flickr based on appropriate Creative Commons usage allowed. )

Arunachal Pradesh has eluded me for a long time. Finally, after much discussion and figuring out a plan and finding the right time to do it, I’m off to Arunacahl Pradesh tomorrow! I’m traveling with both my parents and our itinerary looks something like this :

13th April Indigo flight Delhi to Dibrugarh
Night halt at Dibrugarh ( After lunch, I plan to figure out what the closest, busiest market place is at Dibrugarh and then I plan to plonk myself down at one of the street corners or pavements and photograph some Assamese street style! )

14th April Dibrugarh to Likabali / Lekhabali
This will involve driving from Dibrugarh residence to the bank of the Brahmaputra River, getting onto a raft ( it’s a huge ass raft ) and crossing the river, getting to the other side ( I’m told the raft takes about an hour or two to make the crossing ). A vehicle will await our arrival and drive us to the Likabali residence, where we will spend the night. Depending on how the day goes, I also plan to scope out some #EyesForStreetStyle material here. The river crossing means we will be crossing over from Assam into Arunachal Pradesh.

15th April Likabali to Along
Night stay at Along – it’s the biggest town before we hit our final destination and I don’t really know what to expect except the locals will get friendlier and sparse and I will begin to see more local fashion and weaves and food.

16th April Along to Mechukha / Menchuka
This will be the longest drive-on-the-road part of the journey and while Arunachal Pradesh finally has black-top roads, I’m not sure what condition they’re in. The temperature will also drop drastically and the scenery should get more green and less population along the way.

Menchuka, Mechukha, #EyesForArunachal Pradesh, Travel Photographer, Luxury Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer,, Sandro Lacarbona, Professional Photographer

Mechukha is where we have friends and family waiting for us and we will be spending 7-8 nights i a valley surrounded by tall mountains, some of which are even covered with snow. There’s a shallow river that runs through the village and there isn’t much to do within the village except this one really old monastery ( If only you could hear me say that – I’m so DONE with monasteries. ). I will plan and execute my shoots for NICOBAR, PostFold and House of Tuhina and use the surrounding scenery. And I have a couple of other labels I’m carrying me that I plan to wear during the trip and stay. My Dad has been suggesting that he could always photograph for me when no one else is available and this time, I intend to take him up on that.

I was also day-dreaming about a photo shoot on the raft but I’m not sure they allow that and whether the raft will even look like a “raft”. We’ll see. I will be adequately prepared in either case.

Flight back from Dibrugarh – Calcutta – Delhi is on the 28th and after a couple of days of snoozing, I should be back to work like nothing has changed. Except, I will have lived in Arunachal Pradesh for a small part of my life, which will be great.

At Mechukha, I’ve been told I must not expect any mobile phone connectivity and definitely zero internet connectivity in any form. I’ve also been told the power supply is only via generators and is up for 3-4 hours per day, if that. The weather forecast currently shows a bit of rain and 13 degrees Celsius day temperatures. I’m carrying a lot of thermal inner-wear and I’m prepared for no photographs of stars and the night sky attributable to the mostly cloudy weather. BUT! Clouds = massive natural soft-box for free!

I will be photographing quite a bit, hopefully, but I probably won’t be visible online much. See you soon!




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