These were photographed before the #REDHUxBOMBAY timelapse I blogged earlier this week but because there were more than 2000 frames to process, this one took longer to produce. I also sourced music from Moby’s and approval took 24 hours. The music track is called SILVER. I’m not completely, personally, satisfied with how I’ve paired the music with the video but I love the visuals so much that I was ok with publishing this at 80% ready. If you like what you see, the HD version looks even more gorgeous and the 4K version on a much larger screen is spectacular still.

The first glimpse of snow-capped peaks and everything after that that you see in this timelapse was shot at Menchukha. It had been described to me as the “Switzerland of North East India” and a senior Air Force pilot had described it as being visually similar to the Canadian Prairies. I didn’t know what to expect because not many photographs of Menchukha were available online. I’d also been told that it rains and rains and rains and that sunlight and blue skies are rare. So I hadn’t gone in with any expectations. Luckily, just the day after we got there was hot and sunny and clear and there was a spectacular blue sky. I shot most of my #CoverUp stories that day and I also sweated it out next to the Yargap Chu’s banks to capture how quickly weather changes in Menchukha. Stunning blue skies quickly change to grey clouds and pouring rain within a couple of hours.

The segment before the snow-capped peaks has been shot at Aalo on the banks of the Siyom River. The way the clouds build and move across the sky is mesmerizing. I’ve spent hours staring at spectacular footage created by other photographers and I’m really really delighted that I have something similar in my bag of tricks too now!

If I went back right now, I’d shoot much better footage for a timelapse. All in all, this was a successful attempt at photographing and compiling timelapse footage because I learned a lot.


All photo stories from the Arunachal Pradesh trip can be seen at #EyesForArunachal and I’m still working on a few landscape series.



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