Them *via FB private message * : “Hi Naina!”

Me *on FB private message* : “I don’t chat here, please email me. Thanks.”

Them *on email* : “Hello, can you do this for us tomorrow?”

Me *on email* : “Sure. This is how much I charge for something like this. I’m willing to do this in addition at no extra cost because I like your work and I love your brand.”

Them *everywhere* : *crickets*…

I will tell everyone individually on every social media platform that I will only discuss work on email. Some I will tell multiple times before I block their access because they refuse to respect how I would prefer to communicate. If I have requested an employee of an organization that I do not look at Whatsapp messages for cold-messages related to work, those employees should ideally have an internal message board where they can share that I prefer email. But who am I kidding. Those overworked folk probably don’t have time for lunch, forget time for respecting my communication preferences.

Responding to a proposal with a “Thank you for your time but this will not currently work for us.” is a nice, polite way of saying, “Thanks but no thanks.” It is the professional thing to do. Thinking to yourself, “Oh let me just not respond, she will get the message.” is idiotic. I don’t necessarily get the message that this gig will not work out. But I definitely get the message that your communication skills are severely lacking. I also get the message that you do not respect a fellow professional’s time and effort, ergo, you’re unlikely to be someone I’d be comfortable working with. *marked with red flag*

I prefer only email for work-related communication. I have shared my email addresses publicly on the bio / profile description of each social platform where I have a presence.

Some of you come back to me asking, “But what about emergencies?!” If you or your client is working on a project as an “emergency”, that gives me the same two messages as I’ve mentioned above. You clearly don’t respect your own brand enough to plan better, how can I expect any form of professionalism or respect from you for my work or time? Your emergency is not my headache. For emergencies during / in the middle of an assignment, I am available on Whatsapp or SMS or voice call to my mobile phone. But you will only know that if you’re an existing client or have been one. The good ones never have an emergency in the middle of an assignment anyway.

I love face-to-face meetings as well. Ideally only once. Especially if you intend to work with me in the long run.

But always email me first! is my email address.


( above image from Flickr. Photographer Nicolas Winspeare. Link to license. )



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