Juggling the Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited ( PVVNL in short ) or one of the many Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board Divisions ( I’m exhausted just naming the first thing I’m juggling ) and the apartment search in Gurgaon – the hashtag #NainaMovesToGurgaon probably being the nicest thing about it and the goal to blog daily ( for as long as it doesn’t adversely affect my life ) is no mean feat.

And I haven’t even included “missing the boy who has been gone for almost six months”.

I was shown three apartments today and one additional location that looks the most promising thus far. One decent broker / real estate agent and one not so much. Clueless Estate Managers and paan-chewing “let me stare at this thing I’ve never seen before” Indian men.

Thankfully, the day ended with besan ke poodey and beer and a 5 Star and quite a profound conversation with Dad and some more nibbles in the form of the fried potato chips I’d been craving the whole of last week. I’ve also downloaded the latest Milo / Nero podcast episode with Joe Rogan. Enough arsenal to arm me for another day of working on #NainaMovesToGurgaon a reality tomorrow. There will be many more such days over the next one month and I hope I will have good news to blog soon. Here’s to fighting the good fight!



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