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Literally just publishing the blog post to document these series of short video of the family. Shot these in the unending pools at the Baan Mai Khao property where we stayed during out Phuket leg of the #EyesforThailand vacation. As a photographer, while I’m mostly quite good with documenting still images – I curate, select, edit and then publish them as part of blog features – I’m quite terrible with utilizing the short videos I end up shooting either on the mobile device I have or on the Go Pro. ( Whenever I remember to carry the Go Pro with me, that is. )

Whenever I’m shooting a video clip, I tell myself, “I will do something with for sure. This time I definitely will.” And then I end up doing “something” with only maybe ten percent of the stuff I record. Some of the recordings are terrible in terms of quality of visuals or even the subject matter. What looks nice as a still image doesn’t necessarily look even half decent in a motion recording. Sometimes the audio is bad – people are saying weird shit. But most times, while a good/skilled video editor and shooter can make something out of even half-decent clips, I cannot.

This one set of short clips works because we literally shot them for one specific reason – none of the three had ever had any underwater photos / videos and it was worth a shot doing a small experiment! And I had taken the Go Pro with me so it made little sense to just leave it packed up in the bag.

So there!

And how cute is my Mom?! That’s my favourite bit from the entire set.





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  1. Effort worth appreciating….
    Would love to learn Photography from you if ever possible…Have a knack for it but don,t know ABC of photography…..Will you be my teacher??

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