Well hello! And Happy New Year! 2017 is here and the first episode of The Naina Redhu Experience – in 2017 – is about naming and shaming and unprofessionalism. Someone – anonymously of course – left a comment on one of my WTFNaina.com blog posts. I don’t engage with trolls – definitely not anonymous ones – but they did present me with a question that I am addressing in this 30th episode of the podcast. They asked me why I don’t name and shame the people / agencies that present me with unprofessional behaviour. I explain a bit about why naming & shaming isn’t a good idea professionally.

Download Audio-Only here : #30-TheNainaRedhuExperience-Naming-Shaming-Unprofessionalism-Audio-Only

I’m happy to answer questions about photography, blogging, the industry and about my experiences. You can ask me by leaving a comment here or by emailing me on blog@naina.co

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