Notes I made before starting to record this episode of the podcast :

– more important to ask if you think being a fashion blogger makes you unfit to be a “bahu”
– What’s your definition of being a “bahu” and does your decision to be a fashion blogger clash with that?
– find your center first
– this is not about fashion blogging but about making another family part of your life and them making you a part of their life
– you’ll know before hand if they like you and if they don’t and that’s going to be a problem, you need to talk to your future spouse about how the both of you are going to make this work
– you can tell your future parents that if they can’t support you and encourage you in your career, then they have no business discouraging or disparaging you either and any discussions about your work are off the table at family gatherings
– if they’re going to take an interest, then they better take a holistic interest
– if they don’t engage with you about your professional life, they have no business engaging with you about your personal life either – and you need to clearly lay it down – or you can avoid family gatherings altogether
– if you’re going to be living with them – which I highly advise against – you’ll need to be a bigger asshole than if you were living away from them, separately.
– But you could be lucky and you might have great in-laws who think you’re a celebrity because a print magazine did a feature on you ( only us bloggers know how such features don’t mean shit in real life ) but they don’t know that and you’re the queen now – don’t rid them of this delusion
– we focus on others – focus on self and figure out your own comfort
– I don’t think I have experience with this – my in-laws are nice, decent people who’ve worked very hard their entire lives – they understand that we’re all different people at the end of the day and we don’t have to take similar paths or think like each other to be a family. We maintain a comfortable distance and don’t interfere in decision making – truth is, I won’t allow them or anyone else to interfere
– also, you could die – so there will be no in laws or future – so there’s that to think about.
– what is a fashion blogger?


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