Technically, I was meant to post two Instagram updates only but it is quite difficult to control my shutter finger when the brand and their agency go over and above what is expected of them. ( Yes, it helps if you’re professional and nice and focus on getting the job done. Aarthi, Priyanka and Kunal – thank you to RippleLinks and the Asian Paints team. )

Of course, it also helps when the actual product itself is easy to photograph well. That the brand had spun a meaningful story around their product is what cinched the deal for me. I HAD to share it. I’m a sucker for great branding and design. Asian Paints has hit the ball out of the park with the whole branding package on their Earth Series. From print to the actual installation, it was all woven together beautifully. Kudos to the branding team. I’m a fan. It reminded me of my days in Bombay when I used to be bent over my desk, coming up with a cohesive concept to sell to the client, knowing they probably wouldn’t go with it. It was 2004. It is 2017 now and clearly, more brands are focusing on meaningful branding.

You can look at the Wall Art section on the Asian Paints’ website to see what I mean.

Spending just an hour at the India Design ID was really hard – I had to rush to another meeting and then another, so literally ran around trying to soak in everything with my eyes. With the camera and phone camera’s help of course.

Some details of the Asian Paints’ Earth Series panels – shot on the DSLR. Thoroughly enjoyed the woodcut style – it’s called “Sgraffito”. While here it’s shown on wood, this technique is specific to use on stone, concrete and clay – so it can be done on building exteriors.

More photographs from the little bit of running around I did at the India Design ID 2017. Note the marvellous lighting installation by KLOVE and the SPIN setup, which looked like graphic design came to life.

This is only a very very tiny cross section of what the India Design ID presents. There were speaker forums and a lot more that I am completely clueless about. Which is why I recommend looking at their website and figuring out exactly what you’re missing. It is on till the 19th of February, they’ve got White Rhino beer too!

Thank you for having me over Asian Paints! This was fun! Let’s do more stuff!

( The blue colour of the floor with leaves? It’s called Intense Ocean. By Asian Paints of course. Colour of the year 2017. )

India Design ID : Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Asian Paints :  Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter




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