Having spent all four days of the India Art Fair photographing street style for WWD, day four was a whole lot of fun because of this thing I was also working on with Himalayan Mineral Water. Their pink logo bottles were visible all over the India Art Fair venue but they had also brought in their newly-launched sparkling water bottles, which is what I was getting to work with. Apart from getting to drink it of course. Nice heft to the glass bottles for the sparkling water – more than a few curious onlookers asked us what we were up to – “An Indian sparkling water brand?! We didn’t know one existed!” I guess the gig was already a success!

I took the bottle of sparkling water around with me when I finally had time to look at the art on display. It had been a very busy week and only on the last day of the Art Fair did I get time to relax and spend time soaking in all the wonderful work that had been brought together.

I quite like the design on the bottle of sparkling water too. Especially when served chilled, the snowfall and the snow-capped peaks add to the feeling of drinking something refreshing. Looks like a woodcut illustration too. On so many levels, it is great to be working with a brand that supports art and artists like me.

After I was done taking a tour of the India Art Fair installations, I was back at my spot under the Banyan tree, photographing more stylish people at the venue. I was listening to a podcast on a set of bluetooth speakers, sipping on the sparkling water and taking photographs – a lady walked up to me and asked, “Is this setup – are you – part of a performance art setup?” Heh. That’s one of the more interesting things that’s ever happened to me at the Art Fair!

The sparkling water is currently only available at select 5 Star hotels – maybe it will soon be available for purchase too! You can keep up with the brand at the following links.

Himalayan Mineral Water : Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram