The 43rd episode of me podcast ( I’m channeling accent and dialog from the Happy Valley show on Netflix ) is where I talk about the latest book I’m reading. You might be interested too. “Bawse” by Lilly Singh, who is better known as iiSuperwomanii is a book I highly recommend with a couple of caveats and criticisms. I recommend getting both the audio book version ( hello Audible! ) and the paperback version because Lilly herself is reading the audio book in her voice and the paperback will be useful is you want to take notes while she narrates. Get it.

Bawse book on
 It’s only on the store because Audible doesn’t have independent India presence – also affiliate link included above. )

Bawse Paperback in India

The question about how to ( or whether to ) balance sponsored / branded content with non-sponsored content on a blog seems to be popular these last couple of weeks. The majority of content on is not sponsored and I tell you why and how I make that work.

Instagrammers vs. Bloggers is the third thing I talk about and how it isn’t exactly “vs”. Instead of pitting the two against each other, do both. Preference to the blog but Instagram quite important too.

As always, there’s a bit of swearing, a bit of Hindi and the audio’s shitty – SORRY. Really sorry. I didn’t work the podcast microphone properly and didn’t click the mouse button attentively. Ooops. Won’t happen again.

Download Audio-Only here : #43-The-Naina-Redhu-Experience-Bawse-Book-Sponsored-Content-Instagrammers-Bloggers

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