In part three of the “Influencer Marketing for Brands”, I talk about the fifth item in “Things To Consider before working with an Influencer”, which is CONTENT. What content will you and / or the influencer be producing? What things to think of when the influencer is being asked to produce the content – it affects pricing. Not all influencers will accept third-party content or visuals / words created by the brand. Who will be producing the content and on what basis do you decide this as a brand? Licensing and ownership of the content – who owns the images? Content re-use. Have you, as a brand, planned for how you will re-use the content that the influencer has created for you? where will you re-use this content? How? What about permissions ( go back to licensing and ownership ). What content will go to which platform? Not all platforms are suitable for all types of content. What time-table will you follow while posting content across platforms?

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