Talking a bit about Aadhaar ( wrote a piece on the blog if you’d like to educate yourself about the basics ) and GST ( how it is different from Service Tax and a link to my Chartered Accountants – highly recommended regardless of the size of your business : Arkay and Arkay ).

A bit of a rant about a phone call I received from a brand’s PR Agency. ( Nothing quite like ranting on the podcast. Funnier than the actual call. )

Mention a case study about a gig I did with a brand, which also involved a book giveaway and how I combined it with a portrait commission from my series. See the blog post here : LS Hilton with Bloomsbury India.

I’m going to be doing shorter podcast episodes – not 30 minutes anymore. More on the lines of 15 minutes approximately. This might enable me to do more of these – special episodes whenever I have something new to talk about. I do have  LOT of stuff to talk about routinely but by the time I get to the recording, I’ve forgotten most of it. I’ll see if I can record shorter clips throughout the week and let’s see how that goes.

Some lawyers to follows on Twitter : Gautam Bhatia, Apar, Karuna Nundy.

The Ekam gig I was talking about : posted on Instagram last night. They are a home fragrance and personal care ( body and wellness ) brand and their website is

Download Audio-Only here :#54 The Naina Redhu Experience : Aadhaar, GST, Brand Communication Skills & A Case Study

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