Considering how much I talk, I’ve never talked about my journey. I thought about blogging it but I realized I’d probably end up writing a lot and I would ramble. For a blog post, I want to write it in a more structured way. Thankfully, even in podcast / video form, it took only two parts to give you an idea of what my life has looked like till date. And because of doing these videos, I now know how to structure the blog posts! ( I’m going to do do it chronologically. It would be nice to add supporting photographs too – but – that’s going to take a while. Which means, it’s possible I’ll not end up doing it at all. So, till then, there’s these videos! )

In Part One, I talk about my education and career till 2006, which is when I photographed my first client assignment. More about this photography assignment and my journey beyond that, till 2017, is in the podcast episode coming out next week!

Download Audio-Only here : 58-TNRE-My-Professional-Journey-Part-One

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