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The #NAINAxJWMussoorie photography & branding campaign.

Photographed on the Nikon D800 with the 24-70mm f2.8 lens on it. Some of the frames moved while shooting because the camera was propped up on a table, there’s glass paneling covering the balcony – so there’s glass in front of the lens – when the lights started coming at the hotel in the evening, I tried to block out the reflections and managed to nudge the camera more than a few times.

Edited in Adobe Lightroom. More than a thousand frames.

Why I shoot these timelapses, I have no idea. I always think I’m killing my camera – so many shutter clicks, taking away from the life of the DSLR. But I’m mesmerized by how the clouds move. And how often does one get to see such a spectacular sky from a spectacular location – Mussoorie. The sunset was stunning and there’s a whole additional blog post coming with photographs. ( Remember to turn of auto white balance while shooting timelapses. If the “interval shooting” and “timelapse” option is grayed-out, not clickable in the camera’s settings, you have to set the date and time on the camera first. The settings will become available. If you have the budget and requirement for it – you can always get more equipment to make sure your timelapses are way more synchronized than the one above – automated and smooth movement to pan and zoom can be added, no shaking / movements, better lighting / exposure control etc. The sky is the limit! I don’t do all that yet because it’s never been a paid client gig, so I take it easy and a bit of s shake here and there is no problem as far as I’m concerned. )

The video is displayed above thanks to WordPress’ JetPack Videopress facility on my WordPress Premium Plan courtesy Dreamhost’s Managed WP Hosting plans. I’ve been wanting to host my own videos as much as possible – YouTube is an independent platform and it brings in the views but I would like to be able to control what happens with my content.

Music is Tropical Summer by Artlss, licensed via ( I don’t need to make this declaration legally, I’ve paid for the music clip, but this is my way of saying additional thanks. The video got flagged on YouTube and while I realize the YouTube claim is me being penalized even though I’m a paying customer – I was angry and upset at first and even ranted about it on Twitter ( but of course ), but I also feel bad for artists like me who get ripped off when other fellow-artists steal their work.

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