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Recently, I bought a couple of new coffee brands ( new for me ) to try and fill the hole of my favorite one not being in stock. I’ve written a bit about the first one, the Teddy Roosevelt Instant Coffee previously. Here, I’m telling you a bit about the second one I got – Colombian Brew instant coffee. ( Yes, I drink instant coffee – I prefer it because of the convenience – but I also love brewing coffee and drinking that when I have the time – read the previous blog posts. )

Unlike the Teddy Roosevelt one, this one is loose powder inside a packet – 50gms of coffee in one. But there’s a spoon inside. One spoonful is supposed to be good for one cup of coffee. Of course, I need about two spoons for my caffeine hit.

Texture is fine powder. Not sure if color matters but it is lighter in color than the previous one I sampled. I like this one more than the Teddy Roosevelt one. The flavors are richer – not as burnt. The seller describes it as “100% Arabica Bean”. I polished off one packet pretty quickly. I’m thinking if I don’t get Davidoff Rich Aroma ( which is my favorite ), then this one might be a good substitute to tide me over till the former is back in stock.

Rs. 238 for two packets of 50gms each. Costs about the same as my Davidoff. Packet is re-sealable after opening. Smells great too.

I drink my coffee black and cold. I add honey to it, sometimes stevia. I know coffee purists would cringe – black is supposed to be drunk for flavor – honey and stevia both change the flavor of the coffee. I drink coffee for the flavor and for the caffeine hit. I’m positively addicted. I do take breaks every once in a while so that my body’s tolerance for caffeine can lower again. It takes about a full two days ( approximately ) for caffeine to completely leave the body. I tend to quit for a week.

And brushing your teeth with charcoal might help too. Drinking coffee over a long period of time, regularly, stains my teeth noticeably. I’ve found that adding charcoal powder to my toothpaste tend to keep the stains away.

I love coffee! More #Coffee on the blog.




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