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I’ve been wanting to share this experience on the blog since it took place – now almost a whole month ago.

FoodTalk India’s Anjali Batra and Shuchir Suri invited me to a dining experience where I would be eating the food while I was blindfolded! I went purely out of curiosity because I had never experienced something like this. And also because it was being hosted at Olive at The Qutub, which has great food. I met some really amazing people and definitely ate way more than I usually do.

I had great company at my table and the energy of the hosts was INFECTIOUS. All I have to do to charge myself up, is to think about Shuchir being around and me having to step up to the plate! Go Shuchir!

If I had to change anything, personally, it would be the noise level – it was distracting from the sensory taste experience. Even so, the experience of tasting my food while having my eyes closed was something I would love to do again. The textures and tastes take on a higher level of importance. I was more cognizant of the texture of each bite I took and of everything I tasted. Some flavors I was able to recognize easily, while others, like the white asparagus, were completely new to me. I’m certain everything would taste different if I was eating with my eyes open. Enjoy the photos! ( Photos with the FoodTalk India logo were provided by FT, the other photos with the logo were shot on my phone. )

Thank you for having me over Anjali, Shuchir and Olive!

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