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2nd & 3rd September, 2017

From visiting the grocery store to pick up just one more packet of playing cards, to refueling the vehicle and getting photos with the staff. The last day in Ranikhet this year was short and relaxing. I’d packed very little, so there was little to be re-packed. The torrential rain warnings also meant that we would be driving slow and making an additional night halt on our way to Delhi. We did end up dodging more than a few active landslides. Super lucky.

The night halt was at Jas Uncle’s farmhouse. We’d never visited it earlier despite having heard about it and talked about a hundred times. We drive via Nainital – happy to see that the lake had filled up thanks to the Monsoon rains. But OMG still crowded as ever. It’s only going to get worse.

These blog posts are more like family photo albums – each I publish one, I send a link to my parents and Dad dutifully shares the link on his Facebook profile and his friends leave comments and come check out the blog post too. I like doing this. Serves as a reminder to what my original intention of starting to blog was. To document my life. Regardless of category / industry / genre. It is a place I cam come back to anytime I want till I’m alive. To see the things I did, the places I traveled to, the people I hung out with. Memories are always relevant.

Until next year Ranikhet! Be well!


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