104th Edition of #CoverUp

Beehive bracelet by Shop Akira, finger ring from the MET Museum NY ( gift from a friend ) – both pieces of jewelry are non-precious metal, the shirt I have no memory where I got it from but I LOVE it – I wear it at home ( without knotting ) and I can wear it out too if I knot it at my waist, with a high waist trouser or shorts – the print is called Dashiki and it’s African, denim shorts are American Apparel. You don’t need much else for a day at the beach – colorful slippers and my hot face complete the look. These were photographed before we got to the beach of course – by the time I got there, I barely had anything on! Liquid lipstick courtesy MAC Cosmetics.

Photographed in Da Nang, Vietnam. For more photos from Vietnam ( my personal style as well as travel / food related ), see #EyesForVietnam.

Fun fact about the finger ring – adjustable – also very useful in a fist fight – no harm to my fingers or hand, while the other person might be a bit cut up about it. ( I have no experience with a fist fight but I did punch a wall – with my strength it’s probably laughable but hey it’s something. )

All photographed and edited on a smart phone.

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