Super useful device for when I’m traveling solo and don’t have a photographer and don’t really want to ask strangers to take my picture. No need to worry about trying to teach everyone how the lines need to be straight! I just want to get a nice photo of me, not give a free, unsolicited “how to take a photo” class. This Selfie stick / tripod has made life SO much easier. I’m used to people looking at me funny when I’m posing for a real photographer, in a public place. So using this and seeming like I’m smiling at an invisible photographer was no big deal. Like a fish to water.

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Took 24 days to deliver to Gurgaon, India. Outer packet had been opened and re-sealed by either Customs or Indian Post. Product box was sealed. No extra amount had to be paid as customs duty.

Remote is Bluetooth and can connect to both iOS and Android devices. Product is also available in black color.

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