Having struggled with wondering what to do with my life pretty much all the time, I try to keep myself engaged doing the things I love the most : photographing stuff. So. This is that. @augustrum sent me a glass globe hand-lettered with my Instagram handle, many weeks ago. I wanted to make a photo today and while I was standing around thinking about that, I saw that my black wooden board was draped over with this one vine of the Pothos ( Money Plant) and I thought that might look nice. And then I just rolled with it. More step-by-step stuff on my Instagram stories. Someone suggested I could use the glass globe as a terrarium and now I’m wondering if I’m going to be up to that. Let’s see! I have no experience with maintaining a terrarium – I can barely keep my indoor potted plants alive because I travel so much. But maybe I’ll try to find a plant that won’t die if I don’t water it and it will survive in such a small space.

The tiny face sculpture was found in a press kit at fashion week – sorry I have absolutely zero recollection what brand creates these – if I figure out, will update. The diaries on which the globe is stacked are old purchases from PaperBlanks. The bracelet is the Promise Bracelet by Nimai. Flowers and dried sticks etc are stuff I’ve collected from bouquets received over the last 4-5 months. The wood-box made from salvaged wood-shavings was a press-kit from Himalayan, when they launched their Orchard Pure water.

Ideally I really want to do something like a “photo a day” but I don’t want to be flippant about it and just shoot something for the sake of shooting. I do want to also slow down, contemplate, arrange, re-arrange, make something I really like and it worth publishing. Daily might not work. But I will try to do it when I know I’m going to be at the apartment all day. Wish me luck!

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