So many ideas, so little time. Then someone at fashion week this time ( 10th to 13th October ), mentioned that someone they know asked them whether fashion week is a competition of some sort. That they had no idea what happens at fashion week. So, on the last day of fashion week, instead of documenting the runway shows, I recorded video snippets of what goes on at fashion week!

I’ve kept it pretty straightforward. From the parking lot to the exhibition area to the runway and back to the parking lot and exit. All in all, almost 50 minutes. Time flies at warp speed when you’re at fashion week.

The video is shaky – I was hand holding the brand new Pixel 3 XL. The video has been shot entirely on the Google Pixel and I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the sound quality is. Apart from the camera of course.

फैशन वीक क्या है? फैशन वीक में क्या होता है?

There is no separate audio-only file / download for this episode as it makes no sense to view this without the video. If you have any questions about fashion week, ask in the comments or on email or on Instagram etc. What I’ve created above is far from perfect and I’m sure I’ve gotten a few things wrong. Despite going to fashion week for so many years, I’m sure there are MANY things I am completely clueless about. If you would like to do me the favor of education, I look forward to it. Thanks for watching!

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