8th Edition #WorkshopsByNaina : The New Rules of Online Brand Building


21st March 2020 ( Saturday ), 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Gurgaon

This is a 3 Hour Crash Course On How To Start Building Your Brand Online

Participants also get : A social media shout out ( on Instagram ), a mention on the Naina.co blog & your own portrait.


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IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW ( please scroll down ) : Outline of The Day, Previous Participants, Details of what each participant takes away.

If you are not available to attend the workshop in Gurgaon, I also conduct one-on-one video consulting sessions for interested folks from all over the world.

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( Gallery Photographs above are from the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh editions of #WorkshopsByNaina )

Read & see more from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Editions of #WorkshopsByNaina

This is a 3 Hour Crash Course On How To Start Building Your Brand Online

For 03 hours, we will be covering : participant portraits + photography basics + a brief primer on branding basics + online brand building + editorial calendars + Instagram strategies + a brief primer on Influencer Marketing + a case study, etc.

For any questions, email me on n@naina.co

After the workshop, you get access to more than 6,000 words from 12 blog posts, which cover the workshop content in detail, for you to refer to, at leisure.

Previous Participants

  1. Jewellery Brand Owner
  2. Product Designer
  3. Beauty Products Startup Entrepreneur
  4. Textile Jewellery Brand Owner
  5. Wedding Photographers
  6. Lifestyle & Fashion Photographer
  7. Landscape & Interiors Company Partner
  8. Digital Marketing Department Head
  9. Artist ( Painter )
  10. Travel Writer
  11. Make-Up Artist
  12. Catering & Cooking Workshops Company Owner
  13. Brand Building Entrepreneur
  14. Illustrator & Artist
  15. Hair Salon Owner
  16. Photography Student
  17. Decoupage Artist & Entrepreneur
  18. Illustrator & Doodler
  19. Content Strategy Department Head
  20. Maternity Photographer
  21. Hospitality Entrepreneur
  22. E-Commerce Marketplace Brand Owner
  23. Shawls & Textiles Entrepreneur
  24. PR Agency Associate
  25. Digital Printing Store/Brand Owner

Outline of the day

– We will begin at 1100 hrs ( 11:00 am )

– At 1230 hrs there will be a 15-20 minute break.

– At 1400 hrs ( 2:00 p.m. ), we will close the workshop officially & I will address individual questions.

The conference room will be booked till 1500 hrs ( 3:00 p.m. ) to accommodate unforeseen delays. The workshop will start on time. Please be there by 1050 hrs ( 10:50 a.m. ).

Once all spots are filled, I will email basic questions to understand each attendees requirements and tailor the content further so that it is most relevant to this specific set of attendees.

Each attendee will also receive

01. Their own #EyesForPeople portrait ( see eyesforpeople.com for examples of portraits ) – this will be a digital file and you will have full licensing rights to do with the image as you please. I will retain copyright.

02. Multiple photo & video features on Instagram ( my main feed – as part of a carousel post or a single update in the form of a portrait or a group photograph ). The attendee’s Instagram account will be tagged – if you are a brand / small-business owner, your business’ handle will also be tagged.

03. A link to your social media / blog / website in the blog post about this workshop that will be published on www.naina.co

Date : 21st March, 2020, Saturday ( 11am to 2pm )

City : Gurgaon

Exact location details will only be shared with participants – will be indoors, air-conditioned – most-probably a conference-room. No meals are included. Tea / Coffee / Drinking water will be available.

No Refunds ( transferable to another workshop or another attendee – pricing may vary ).

Bring a laptop / camera / phone – you can get all of these or at least one device that can make pictures. If you don’t have editing software on your laptop, put some on your phone – you don’t necessarily need a DSLR to make photos, even for a brand. Some examples of editing software ( on the laptop and apps on your smartphone ) will be shared at the workshop.

Video recording will not be permitted. Feel free to take photos, as many as you want.

Please email me directly on n@naina.co if you have any questions.


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