Black & White Sepia Leak Portrait Preset


Download includes one .XMP file.

You are also purchasing a license to use the preset on all your images ( commercial or personal ). The preset is not licensed for distribution. Usage instructions below. The “Light Leak” will not work on the FREE version of Adobe Lightroom Mobile because it uses Selective Edits, which are not available in the free version of Lightroom.

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1. Extract the .XMP file from the .ZIP folder.
2. Save file to your desktop.
3. Open Lightroom Classic on Desktop.
4. In “Develop” view, on the right side of the word “Presets”, click the + sign.
5. Click on Import Presets.
6. Navigate to the .XMP file on your Desktop, select file, click Import.
7. The preset will now have been added to your existing set under the name “” > Vivid Landscape.
8. To apply the preset to an image, open the image in Lightroom in Develop View & click on the name of the preset.

If your Lightroom Mobile and Desktop are synced, you will be able to see the preset in your Lightroom Mobile app as well. If you don’t see it do the following :

1. Copy the .XMP file to your mobile device.
2. Open Lightroom Mobile.
3. Open an image for editing in the Lightroom app.
4. Click on the Presets Icon at the bottom bar.
5. Click on the first three dots on the right.
6. Click on Import Presets & import the .XMP file.

Download will be available for downloading 7 times, 7 days from the date of purchase. All Rights Reserved.


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