Workshop : The #GoalKyaHai Framework of How To Build Your Brand Online


This is the 9th Edition of this workshop. Scroll down for details.

Date & Time : 29th August, Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Duration : 3 Hours ( including a 15 minute break in the middle )


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You want to build your brand online but you don’t know where to get started.

You’ve been an on-ground entrepreneur for years and the online world seems confusing.

You have been doing some work online but you don’t know if it’s working the right way.

More than 40 entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers & individuals have completed the first eight editions of my workshop.


  1. Customized advice for each participant & their brand
  2. The #GoalKyaHai Framework
  3. Lifetime access to 13 blog posts with examples of brands doing good work online, free & paid tools to make your life easier, photography basics and a lot more
  4. Workshop video recording will be available for viewing for 10 days after the workshop

Instead of wasting precious hours doing research online and then wondering if it is right for you, spend just 3 hours with me & get a USEFUL crash course.


  1. Jewellery Brand Owner
  2. Product Designer
  3. Beauty Products Startup Entrepreneur
  4. Textile Jewellery Brand Owner
  5. Wedding Photographers
  6. Lifestyle & Fashion Photographer
  7. Landscape & Interiors Company Partner
  8. Digital Marketing Department Head
  9. Artist ( Painter )
  10. Travel Writer
  11. Make-Up Artist
  12. Catering & Cooking Workshops Company Owner
  13. Brand Building Entrepreneur
  14. Illustrator & Artist
  15. Hair Salon Owner
  16. Photography Student
  17. Decoupage Artist & Entrepreneur
  18. Illustrator & Doodler
  19. Content Strategy Department Head
  20. Maternity Photographer
  21. Hospitality Entrepreneur
  22. E-Commerce Marketplace Brand Owner
  23. Shawls & Textiles Entrepreneur
  24. PR Agency Associate
  25. Digital Printing Store/Brand Owner
  26. PR Agency Founder
  27. Sustainable Garment Brand
  28. Travel Blogger & Photographer
  29. Luxury Invitations Designer
  30. Radio Jockey & Podcaster
  31. Founder of a Luxury Business School
  32. Decor & Linen Brand Owner
  33. Food Blogger & Entrepreneur
  34. Precious Jewellery Brand Owner
  35. Make-Up Artist & Influencer
  36. Technology Brand CEO
  37. Museum Curator
  38. Glass Decor Brand Co-Founder
  39. Embroidered Jewellery Artist
  40. Fashion Designer

During this workshop, you will get to know EVERTYHING that I have learned in the last 16 years of my career, building my online & offline brands, working with Indian & International clients.


  1. You will receive an Information Request Email with a form to fill-in
  2. I will look at this form and tweak the workshop accordingly for the participants & their brands / goals
  3. The workshop will be conducted on Zoom with video on for all participants
  4. Link to join the Workshop, along with password, will be emailed to you 24 hours prior to the workshop
  5. Participants can interrupt me at any time during the workshop, to ask a question

The workshop will be conducted on Zoom. For details of the previous 8 Editions of this workshop, visit this link.

Brand Building is a long-term strategy, whether online or offline, which is imperative for your brand’s long-term success.

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