Midsummer Jardin, Hand-Painted Blazer


It’s a jungle out there. And in here, in my heart. The vines & the tangles are visible from afar. Step closer & you can see there is something more. A hint of something amidst the green. A hint of joy amidst the green. Closer still & it resolves into color. Carefully hidden away under the tangles. Red, pinks, oranges, warm yellows. Tiny bursts of joy in what looked like a jungle. Turns out, it’s a garden after all. A well tended to & cared for Midsummer Jardin. Not visible from a distance though. From a distance, it’s the armor of an impenetrable tropical forest.

Size : EUR M / US S / MEX M / UK 10 ( 36 and 1/4th inches chest; 28 and 1/4th inches waist )

Material : 100% polyester ( crepe ). Paint used is UV resistant, polyurethane based.

Jacket / Blazer has thin inner lining and two small pockets. Shoulders have foam padding for structure. Jacket has no front closure. Base white-jacket is approximately 3-4 years old, worn 2-3 times, a purchase from Mango Basics.

Hand-washable only : room temperature water, no soaking, no scrubbing except with the flat of the hand, mild soap only – no harsh detergents. Hang on hanger to air dry. Absolutely no heat to be applied in any form.

Keep away from solvents like isopropyl alcohol and direct perfume spray. If such contact is made by mistake, do not try to wipe it. Leave it alone to dry. Do not touch it. The alcohol will evaporate and the varnish will dry on its own.

If you have any questions about this product or would like to commission a custom garment, please email me on [email protected]

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