Pink Garden, 2020 (Golf Cap)


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Hand-painted original wearable art.

The cap is a dark navy blue from the INESIS Golf brand by Decathlon.

The cap can be adjusted using the rip tab at the back of the cap. Head size: 58 cm (Rear Velcro tab allows you to adjusts more or less by 4 cm). Visor length: 7 cm.

Acrylic paint on cotton. Heat sealed. Hand wash recommended. You should be able to wash it in a washing machine as well but I would recommend putting it in a double / triple layered cloth bag first as the paint might sustain some scratches by rubbing on the drum of the machine otherwise.

If you send the cap for dry cleaning, please mention to the cleaners that the paint is polyurethane. It will not survive solvents / petroleum products.

The paint has been sealed with three layers of UV resistant varnish.

All air circulation vents from the original cap are open and not covered by paint.

The cap is signed and dated.

Keep away from solvents like isopropyl alcohol and perfume. If such contact is made by mistake, do not try to wipe it. Leave it alone to dry. Do not touch it. The alcohol will evaporate and the varnish will dry on its own.

If it gets dusty / linty, use a soft paint brush to brush into the crevices gently.

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