Arctic Silver, 2.5 Inches


“Arctic Silver” is inspired by underwater ice at, you guessed it, the Arctic Circle. At least whatever little of it remains. Painted in 2019.

This is a piece of unique and original art; a signed painting, which utilizes sculpted and textured paint.

Edge is painted the same metallic blue as the top.

Hand-painted by Naina Redhu. Acrylics on wood. Varnished and sealed for longevity and color preservation.

Museum quality. Magnet clasp.

Please give 15-21 days for delivery.

Hand painted Made In India Original Art Brooch. Wearable Art.

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Do not keep anything on top of the brooch as the varnish may take on the pattern of the object. Do not keep the brooch upside down else the blobs might lose structure and height.

This is a piece of art. Just like you wouldn’t sit on a painting, scratch it on purpose or try to bend it, use similar care with this piece.

Ideally, store flat in a good quality plastic cover. Plastic does not stick to varnish / acrylics. Avoid storing with items that might have loose fibers, like jute or cotton.

Keep away from materials like isopropyl alcohol / acetone / perfume or makeup.

Excessive heat or cold are best avoided.

If it gets dusty / linty, wipe gently with soft cloth. You can also use a wet cloth. Please use filtered / drinking water only.

Please note that colours of the brooch might look sightly different on different screens and slightly different in real life.

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Naina Redhu

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