Degree, 2020 #Nuance, 2 Inches


Each Brooch is handmade from hand-cut paint. Original Wearable Art. #MadeInIndia

From the “Nuance” Series of paintings. Each piece of hand-cut paint has subtle differences. When pieces with subtle differences are assembled together on one brooch, the parts make a whole piece of jewellery that would otherwise not have come about. Like each person on the planet has subtle differences in their beliefs and opinions and yet we get together and co-exist because we have nowhere else to go. Sometimes we have extreme differences amongst each other but our fundamental needs remain the same across the board, no matter what our skin color is, what our sexual orientation is, what our geography of origin is.

Each piece is assembled onto the brooch by hand. The series has only seven paintings.

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This is unique and original art, hand-painted by Naina Redhu.

2 inches in diameter.

Magnet strip clasp at back.

Acrylics on wood. Finished and sealed with multiple layers of professional artist-grade varnish for longevity and color preservation.

Made In India Original Art Brooch. Wearable Art.

Signed, dated and sealed on reverse.

Please give 10-12 days for delivery.


Do not keep anything on top of the brooch as it will take on the texture of anything that is pressed onto it.

This can sometimes be repaired – the varnish and paint will bounce back on its own but it can take months – best to avoid.

This is a piece of art. A piece of jewellery. Just like you wouldn’t sit on a painting, scratch it on purpose or try to bend it, use similar care with this piece.

Ideally, store flat, without anything touching the top.

Do not wrap in plastic. Plastic will stick to varnish / acrylics & leave an impression.

Keep away from solvents like isopropyl alcohol and perfume. If such contact is made by mistake, do not try to wipe it. Leave it alone to dry. Do not touch it. The alcohol will evaporate and the varnish will dry on its own.

Excessive heat or cold are best avoided.

If it gets dusty / linty, use a soft dry paint brush to brush into the crevices gently.

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Naina Redhu

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