Repeatedly Relentlessly Resourceful, 2021, 64 Inches in Diameter, Hand-Painted Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

Repeatedly Relentlessly Resourceful painting.

Year of painting : 2021.

Painted with acrylic paints.

Stretched Canvas on MDF frame.

Canvas is 64 inches in diameter.

Canvas frame is approximately 1 inch deep.

Made in India by Naina Redhu.

“Repeatedly Relentlessly Resourceful” is, so far, the largest canvas I have ever painted. It was born from a need to do “something big” for a hopeful 2021. From the early days in my career, I recall that I used to identify with being “Relentlessly Resourceful”. No matter what, I would find a way. Come 2020 and turning 40, I began to notice that I was more hapless than resourceful. As if I had decided that I was done. That I had nothing more to give or contribute. I was sitting my butt on my hands and miserable about it.

Then, one day, on Twitter, as one does, I came across someone talking about being relentlessly resourceful as opposed to being hapless and I felt a bit of a spark ignite under my butt. I finished this canvas and announced the release on the second year anniversary of the launch of my brooches. An occasion that I am happy to celebrate each year. I still pretty chuffed about coming up with my wearable art brooches.

I’ve heard my Dad say it often, “Bash on regardless!” and this is my tribute to continuing with the tradition. I might stop being relentlessly resourceful for a while but I can always get back up and repeat the process.

The painting is an original art piece, hand-painted acrylics on stretched canvas. 64 inches in diameter. The painting is sealed with several layers of varnish that makes it look almost like lacquer.

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