The Jennifer Lawrence essay.

The Ronda Rousey interview response.

From the emails I’ve received so far :

“I really liked your video about monetization. Since I’m kind of a newbie in the blogging field I have hard time evaluating a proper remuneration for my services. I don’t want to be too low because I’m working very hard on each project but I don’t want to be too high and look like I’m full of myself either.”


“I am totally guilty of charging Rs5000 for a blog post, only recently and extremely reluctantly I raised it to Rs6000 and yet I feel fear and guilt each time I send out a mail to a brand.”

I feel you girls. Don’t feel guilty and don’t be afraid. What’s the worst that’s going to happen? You won’t get the gig. You won’t get ten more gigs. But then you’ll get that ONE gig and the satisfaction of having done it your way is unlike anything else ever. But please do not pull pricing numbers out of your ass – research stuff. I’ve mentioned CODB ( Cost Of Doing Business ) pretty much in all my videos till now and I will continue to do so till someone threatens me to stop! You don’t have to justify your pricing to anyone but your own self and if you are not able to justify it to yourself, and you are not confident about it, guess what – people around you KNOW that and they will naturally push you to charge lower. I’ve quoted where the client responded with, “But this is too much!” and my first instinct it to think, “Oh I’m so sorry but it is what it is.” and I also have the urge to justify each penny – with practice you can get over this urge. But you have to put yourself out there – you have to stick your neck out and you have to do it again and again and again. I know many of you think I’ve got it made but I struggle with this still and will continue to – as I raise my prices more and more – it never goes away. Don’t feel bad about it. We’re all in this together. We all struggle.

Download Audio-Only here : #09-Gender-wage-gap_The-Naina-Redhu-Experience


Vincent LaForet’s blog post about CODB ( Cost of Doing Business ).

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