What is this 100% advance?

Can anyone get it?

What are some of the reactions I’ve heard when it comes to asking for 100% advance?
What if you die?
What if you ran away without doing the work?
What if I don’t like the work that you delivered?

Have you lost out on work because of asking for 100% advance?

How will you ever work with a brand where the policy for advance just does not exist?

What are some of the circumstances where the 100% advance was not possible but you still did the gig? Was it worth it?

How does it matter whether it’s an advance or not? As long as you get paid?
How does it matter whether you get your salary on the 3rd of every month or the 3rd month of every year? As long as you get paid?

Don’t you trust the people you work with?

Salaried employees seem to have the least understanding of how an independent contractor works. This is their shortcoming, which keeps the industry like a bucket of crabs. “Oh! She charges so much AND she wants it 100% in advance? Who does she think she is?” It is almost as if no one’s ever heard of professional business practices.

Truth is, I’ve not had a single problem when it comes to payment whenever I’ve worked with an international brand.

I do not see myself spending another nine months of my life running after compensation for the work that I’ve delivered.

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