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Naina is an international Luxury & Lifestyle Photographer & Blogger based out of India. There's also Brand Storytelling and Influencer Marketing. She is an Experience Collector.

She has been blogging since 2004 starting with the subjects of Innovation Management & Creativity > Branding & Identity Design > Luxury & Lifestyle.

Naina.co was launched in 2010 & became the first Luxury & Lifestyle blog in India, where international luxury brands featured their craftsmanship for the Indian audience. Naina.co is best known for vibrant photography combined with brand-storytelling that elevates a brand's message far above "regular blogging". As a brand, Naina.co has created a unique space within the Indian Influencer Marketing industry as not only a creator of quality, brand-relevant content and also an industry leader pushing the boundaries of creativity and professionalism.

Well-traveled across America ( New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles ), Canada, Europe ( France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands ), The United Kingdom , South-East Asia ( Hong Kong, Singapore, Bhutan, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka ), the Middle East ( Dubai ), Naina is always looking to bring more of the world to her Indian audience.

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Hemant & Nandita #AIFWAW15 #EyesForFashion | Naina.co Luxury, Lifestyle, Branding |  | Photographer, Blogger, Storyteller
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Hemant & Nandita #AIFWAW15

Hemant and Nandita showcased a gypsy/boho collection called Boho Caravan. With carpet inspired prints and colorful embroidery, the collection looked like a happy-go-lucky one. The music during the runway presentation definitely added to the thrilling happy vibe! I would love to try one of their beautiful and intricate blanket overcoats for the next Indian winter season!