The Timberland Launch was held on the night of 25th September at the Timberland Store in the Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Their Unsung Heroes campaign was launched at this event by John Abraham. Their press release states, “To mark their official entry into the country, Timberland launches UNSUNG HEROES – NOT STARRING JOHN ABRAHAM. A long-term visionary project that shall identify and celebrate all those who truly contribute to nature, behind the scenes. In the words of John Abraham who shall play the role of presenting these people to the world, “They are the real heroes, but they are not actors”. Renowned documentary film maker Mike Pandey is also closely associated with the project.”

Photographs of people, the store and event follow. With approximately 60 photographs, and a lot of jostling with the rest of the news teams that were present, this was my first “got-pushed-around” photo op with a Bollywood actor present at the scene.

Lovely ladies managing the guests and the invitees at the Timberland store. The number of bouncers / security guards was surprising but they were there for good reason. Indians are *nuts about Bollywood celebrities.

It is a small store and yet manages a large variety of jackets, t-shirts, shoes, caps, etc. I quite liked the way the interiors were done with scraps of wood. The event signage was also simple and eye-catching – the Timberland logo had been utilized quite well. Soft drinks with lots of ice to help beat the heat that’s back in New Delhi. The mirror & storage area behind the billing counter. Blogger and photog @paavani also present at the event. Unfortunately did not get to spend time with her – especially after John Abraham made an entrance. Too much jostling.

The Unsung Heroes Trophies presented later on to the guests who had been invited for this event.

Swami Prem Parivartan aka Peepal Baba who has planted thousands of Peepal trees and is a real-life hero for reforestation. On the right : Fateh Singh Rathore – Vice President, Tiger Watch and a real-life hero for wildlife conservation.

Poonam Kasturi, who calls herself Compost Wali, has just arrived on the scene. She is the founder of the company called “Daily Dump”. John Abraham arrives, fashionably late, and the media frenzy begins. Inside and all set to start the event along with renowned documentary film maker Mike Pandey is also closely associated with the project – in green shirt and Darshan Mehta, President and CEO, Reliance Brands Ltd.

Renowned documentary film maker Mike Pandey.

Dharmendra Khandal – Field Biologist, working on the Tiger Watch.

John put on new Timberland shoes on the feet of all the invited Unsung Heroes.
M.Yoganathan- Bus Conductor & Environmentalist.
Darshan Mehta, President and CEO, Reliance Brands Ltd.

Dharmendra Khandal was the only one who insisted John put the shoes on his hands instead of his feet. They hugged afterwards.

Blogger @clintonjeff with John Abraham’s autographed pledge card of the event.

The lovely trophies / mementos were handed out.

I just *adore the media kits that Timberland had arranged for! A real plant! It sits pretty on my work table right now.
The cute little pouch inside the box had a lovely little 2 GB USB drive with the press kit and details of the Unsung Heroes and the event as well as company details.

Thanks to Hemadri for the press kit so that, for once, I knew who was in the pictures. Now if only I could thank her personally.

You can find Timberland on Twitter : @timberlandin and on Facebook here : Once again, much love to @priyal for making this possible.


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  1. As always, amazing shots you take. It is not just about the quality of image that a camera gives, but it is also about the perspective from which the images are taken. Simply awesome!

  2. Fab pictures and a great write-up. This project sounds worthwhile – kudos to Timberland. Great pics of John – he is looking super and I loved the way he personally put on shoes for the “unsung heroes”! Thanx so much for this – there has not been much in the press about it and it was lovely to hear from you.

    1. Thank you Sameera, it is a worthwhile project indeed and yes, I loved it too how it personally put on shoes for the Unsing Heroes! It was incredibly touching.

  3. WOw!! The arrival shot of John is just Stunning! I don’t know if that was an accidental capture or what, but that’s definitely way better than those proper lighting ones 😛

    And man, look at his arms! “Ye khata kya hai yaar” ?? 😛 😛

    1. Haha Rishabh, Obviously it was an accidental capture – serendipity! And I feel his arms are too big – he looked fantastic in Dostana but maybe he’s preparing for some other movie role and has been instructed by the Director to capture a different look, hence the overgrown arms.

    1. Dear RD, Thank you for stopping by. The images are not digitally *modified – that would mean physical components of the images have been changed, people have been added / removed etc. The Images have been edited in Photoshop to manipulate color and contrast only.

  4. Dear ma’am,

    I am Lt. Fateh Singh Rathore’s grandson, can you provide me with these photos in a decent quality.

    Thank you!

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