Freemason’s Hall is quite a delightful venue – more because of how it “appears on the horizon” as you walk up to it looking at directions on your phone’s map app. Also because of @PhilomenasBar and many a chilled Blossom Rose wine glasses I downed between shows.

Bernard Chandran certainly has a new fan in me. Wow. The colors were my favorite. He’s known, unofficially, as the Malaysian King of Fashion. You can find him on Twitter @BcChandran and on Facebook and even though he didn’t walk up till the head of the ramp, there’s no way I’d have guessed his age. There’s a Wikipedia page about him.

It was undoubtedly a very attractive collection. The hair were done beautifully, the make up was simple and the COLORS! The colors of the clothes. I’m still swooning. Lots of shine and lots of color.

Thank you @Pop_PR_UK for having me over!