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JJ Valaya presented a very well curated collection at the BMW Bridal Fashion Week – his use of Swarovski Crystals was beautiful and brilliant – I really don’t know how to articulate how I felt at the end of the show – you HAVE to see the garments and details below. There are SO many, I couldn’t help but share almost all I photographed!

When I heard that the show was going to be called Bolshoi Bazaar, I didn’t realize this was going to be part two of this and that this would be a show to behold as well! Simple and lovely set design – there were tree trunks, snow and fog – to bring the feeling of Russia to the audience and the garments. Fashion Weeks in India are a spectacle as much as they are about commerce. A handful of fashion designers in India seem to get it right – the presentation, the attention to detail for each aspect of the show, the stunning craftsmanship for each garment, the makeup, everything. JJ Valaya is one such designer – and he’s a nice guy to boot. One of those runway shows where the gawker-me and photographer-me grappled with each other between wanting to mad-applaud each garment and wanting to photograph all possible details!

The Bolshoi Bazaar by the master couturier finds its soul in two of unique cultures: India and Russia. Combined with the energy of Valaya’s constant inspiration India and this time with Russia, the collection traverses the large extent of Russian boundaries. A modern, yet distinctly Indian with characetists of Russia, the collection in signature weaves, Crepes, Georgettes and other fine fabrics with the sparkle of crystals from Swarovski creates a perfect blend of the past and today’s contemporary chic.

The Bolshoi Bride dabbles in the color story of antique, metallic and neutral tones in symphony with Indian Bright. A bespoke expression with crystals from Swarovski in iridescent Green, Tangerine, jewel tones like emerald and ruby and Indian siam makes it truly spectacular. The light turquoise and sew on stones in Gold patina and Black patina with paradise shine, blush and metallic sunshine adds the bespoke experience to the regal collection.


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