(That’s what my face looks like whenever I’m discussing “monetization”. A little bit of the American accent slipped it too! Maybe I’ll do the next one in a completely Naina-American accent.)

Sorry I don’t have a specific answer for you. Pricing and monetization are not easy and if I had the answers, the world would’ve beaten a path down to my door. I’d like that. Maybe I will be able to figure it out in my lifetime. It’s a lot of experimentation, trial and error. This is easier to do when you’re working solo and don’t have a team depending on you for their bed and breakfast and salaries. I can go a month or two without making any money because I tried a new thing and failed at it. If I had employees ( or children to feed ), I would probably not have so much leeway with experimentation.

If it is any consolation, I still struggle with this. And I expect to do so till I die. The world changes so fast these days, it is important to adapt and change along with it. As long as some of the basics and fundamentals are clear, the adaptation can be done. But if your basics are not in place, you’re mostly fucked. In my next video, I plan to talk about CODB : Cost of Doing Business. ( I’ve touched on it earlier. ) The last blog story on “Bloggers that charge Rs. 5000, don’t.” was received really well – the video already has almost a thousand views – please feel free to write to me on blog@naina.co if you have any questions – happy to have a conversation. )

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