( Correction : “I DO want to be remembered as me.” not “I DON’T want to be remembered as me.” )

The best way to become a better photographer is to photograph more. And more and more. And don’t forget to share it. Show it to your friends, your neighbours, put it up online and show it to the world. It is brave if you put up your work and ask people to judge it. Implicitly. It changes you. It makes you look at your work differently. It makes you look at a client brief differently.

Photographer and Social Media Influencers are not two different things. They are two dimensions of the same person. And brands do find advantages in hiring a photographer who has a social media presence. And I highly doubt a brand would hire a terrible photographer just because the photographer has a million followers on a social media platform. I’ve yet to come across a photographer whose work is complete garbage and who has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media who is also actively getting hired as a photographer by brands. Brands might hire them as a social media influencer because of their reach but maybe not for their photography skills.

I get hired for both together and separately. I’m not saying it’s not confusing, it is, but what’s not confusing is recognizing the inherent value in hiring a social media influencer who is also a good photographer or a good photographer who also has a decent social media presence. This is just how it works in today’s world. Get over it and get into it yourself, instead of finding this “strange”.

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  1. Hi Naina just saw your video about photographer and social media it is fantastic. Photographers should work like that if they want to improve themselves and if they want to fight with competition…good one Naina.

  2. Dear Naina,
    You’re so adorable and cheerful! So looking forward to more videos like these!
    All these years of following your journey, your transformation is commendable! Thank you for inspiring and motivating and being soooo freakin’ proactive in your life! Hats off!
    Hope to meet you one day 🙂
    Best Wishes,

  3. Dear Naina

    Am a working on my photos for over 7 years now, and have a real low profiled online presence, no page, except behance and barely one indian but 5 international clients that punch me enough work to sustain an year real well, with my travels. I apply for grants, and I’ve received some, and the competitive response has been because of my years of work, merely on my ouevre. I consider you a great blogger, you expose a lot brands, and you’re one of the very few who’re doing it right in India, and thus you deserve the reputation as a blogger.

    What the senior photographer is referring to is mere photography, precisely as an art, and believe me its not just fun. To document a war and the objective interpretations of it is one thing, and taking a macro photo of chanel lip colour, and a zillion selfies is another, dont mean to sound condescending, but the effort and the initiative is as different as a 51 MP Nokia phone camera, and Lieca”s film camera, silly analogy, but you get what am saying. When one spends years of hunger and self criticism to master the task, its one thing, but this herd of photographers who make everything sound cosmic, and live on the basis of hack tools for facebook popularity, its pretty shit. I mean, look at Bharat Sikka, now thats called a portfolio, a taste, and an integrity of work, can you ever compare it with some NAME REMOVED BY ADMIN, despite the million likes. Its time we dont mix good personality with mediocrity.

    1. Thank you for the feedback & the comment but personal attacks are not allowed on my blog in any form and I’m editing your comment to delete the person referenced. Thank you for understanding.

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