Dear Naina, I approached a brand for my seasonal editorial – since I don’t have a huge reach yet they agreed to a barter and no commercials, though I still had to return some of their products. The shoot cost me a lot and I even had a couple of bad experiences with the studio guy while shooting, plus I’m at the point of being broke. After the shoot, the brand did not re-share my post but said it looks great, and then asked me if I could send them those photographs in high-resolution. In hindsight, that was not the best thing to do, but I sent it to them. Now when I asked when they’d be re-sharing my editorial, they said they’ll let me know IF they plan to and left it off at that. I’m feeling a little like I’ve been taken for a ride, mainly because –

– A lot of people loved the products and asked me where it’s from, I told them – free publicity for the brand.
– There doesn’t seem much in this for me other than I shot an editorial that looks good on my website, and they let me keep some of the products.
– The shoot cost me a lot and I don’t think I’ll be able to recover it now.
– If they use my images for commercial promotion without my knowledge neither me nor my photographer get anything.

What do you think I should do, am I expecting too much?
How would you have approached this, and is there anything I should keep in mind so I avoid a situation like this next time?

How do you deal with negative/snarky/hate comments if any?


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