We are looking at working on this video organically. If you like it and would like to post it that would be great.

This after a thousand-word email they sent, detailing how cool the video is. After I requested clarity on why the email had been sent to me, they responded with the above. The email also mentioned what hashtags I should use and what brand handles I should tag when I post the video on my social media networks.

“Organic” would have been if I had discovered the video on my own online. If I had liked it, sure, maybe I’d have re-shared it. Although if you’re inclined to go down my timeline starting many years ago, I’d like to see how many branded videos you find. But expecting that level of research would be foolish on my part.

Posting content – photos and videos etc. – for brands, is what I do professionally. I do this for a living. I get paid to do it. Some brands and PR agencies tend to assume that a blogger is dying to stuff their blog and social media networks with content and that they’d hence do work for the brand for free because “at least my blog has content”. Again. Have you seen my feeds? I already post way too much and 90% of it is “organic”.

“If you like it…” I won’t even click on the link to watch it till you pay me darling. Once you tell me what the budget is, and if the budget seems worth it, I will watch the video to determine if it fits with my own brand’s sensibilities. Would it make sense to post it on my social media networks? If not, regardless of your budget, I’m not posting it.


More anecdotes and stories in the #WTFNaina series. ( These are all inspired by true stories. Some written emails, some from face-to-face meetings. )




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