This was my first time at Colombo Fashion Week. I was invited to deliver a Knowledge Workshop on the subject of Blogging & Social Media in Fashion & Lifestyle, Due to how quickly this space is evolving, by no means do I consider myself an expert. I’m a fellow-learner like all y’all.

Sri Lanka doesn’t have much on the online space yet. The Govt. controls the internet – the country has seen civil war and even today there can be sparse incidents of violence. So, running a business based solely on the power of the internet is probably not the wisest advice. But, it is still a no-brainer to at least have a presence online and build a brand on the internet. And it also means that there is a massive opportunity for growth and first-movers will KILL it. I ended up talking and rambling for a good hour and there’s very little new in there that my Indian audience hasn’t already heard on my podcast.

Sri Lankans turned out to be way more polite as an audience than my typical Indian audience, which I wasn’t prepared for! I’m used to the incessant questions and the interaction that starts pretty much within 10-15 minutes of me opening my mouth on stage! I LOVE that. I generally prefer answering actual audience questions than talking for an hour about things you could easily find out more from my blog, social media or podcast.

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