Levi’s is launching their new brand of jeans called the Curve ID – the launch date in stores nation-wide is the 2nd of September this year. This event was held at the Taj Mansingh Hotel in New Delhi with a fashion-show choreographed by the very handsome Marc Robinson. The bevy of beauties that represent the Levi’s Curve ID brand are all in the photographs below! [ And please give it some time to load – there are 80 photographs from the event that I just HAD to share! ]

That’s @akanksharedhu’s new Levi’s Curve ID Demi!

The stunningly beautiful table arrangements by art director Shani Himanshu [ the link will take you to his Facebook page ].

That’s me in my new Levi’s Curve ID jeans!

@akanksharedhu with her new pair of Levi’s Curve ID jeans – thanks to Tusharika’s adept measuring and expertise on the Curve ID!

The bar was well-equipped and the service was great at the Taj Mansingh.

Didn’t get many food pictures because quite frankly, I was too engrossed in the event itself! The people were just fabulous!

Can you tell that I was absolutely mesmerized by the wonderful art direction by Shani Himanshu?! Of course both @akanksharedhu and I were enraptured by his hair as well – didn’t get a picture 🙁

That is Shani Himanshu – speaking with @missmalini [ also did not get a picture and this was the best shot I could manage – the light was really low. ]

A sneak peek of John Anderson, President & CEO of Levi Strauss & Co.

Shumone Chatterjee, Vice President, Marketing, the Levi’s brand – Asia Pacific.

John Anderson, President & CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. in conversation with a couple of reporters.

Tusharika Rao, Business Head, Levi’s Women & Shumone Chatterjee.

John Anderson, President & CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., Mary Alderete, Vice President, Global Women’s Marketing, the Levi’s brand

The lovely ladies start showing up on the ramp!

An introduction to the international brand ambassadors and the three denim styles : Slight, Demi and Bold. Miss Nine, Lykke Li and Violet.

John Anderson, President & CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., Mary Alderete, Vice President, Global Women’s Marketing, the Levi’s brand

What a bevy of beauties and some really funky and stylish denims on them!

And the Indian Levi’s Curve ID Brand Ambassadors not hitting the ramp starting with Jacqueline Fernandez @Jackie_alien

Chitrangada Singh

Ileana D’Cruz @Ileana_Dcruz

And I also spent quite a bit of time trying to capture Jacqueline Fernandez @Jackie_alien’s braid!

I quite loved the hairstyle on Ileana D’Cruz @Ileana_Dcruz

Question and answer time with Shumone!

The Levi’s Curve ID Bold style on Ileana.

Marc Robinson, Ileana D’Cruz and Chitrangada Singh.

Many thank to @udaibir for the invite; to Chitrangada Singh, @ileana_dcruz and @jackie_alien for being super-patient and granting us “pose please” requests; to Tusharika for helping us pick the right jeans; to John Anderson for being so gracious with the “may we take a picture please” and to Levi’s for organizing a wonderfully cute event. Oh and thank to Levi’s once again for pushing the boundaries against waist-size obsession so we don’t have to think about inches anymore – but only styles and shapes!

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    1. Thanks Aashish! It was a short and sweet event with lots of photo ops – so not difficult to get good shots. I shot about a 1000 frames, deleted about 200 bad shots – blurred / too dark etc. and from the 800 left, I chose these 80 to use on the blog. I do have some more model portraits etc. that I’ll add soon!

    1. Hahah Kartik, glad you think this was worth the wait! The event happened last night and I finally managed to edit some good ones and share – Chitrangada is photogenic so getting good shots of here was a no-brainer. I’ll be posting more of her soon on the blog or the portfolio 🙂

  1. Great series Naina! You really get to attend some of the most awesome events in India =)

    PS: I hope Levi’s creative team will soon be considering you as their official event/product photographer 🙂

  2. hi naina,

    really nice work done with the camera, i write about interesting trivia and was posting a small snippet on curve ID by Levis, while searching for some pics on the same i saw your site, if you dont mind can I use one of the pics u clicked which has all the three brand ambassadors. Would credit you in the post.

    Thanks, nice to know you through this site


  3. Hi Naina,
    Great work
    Love the angles and the lights
    it was really nice
    enjoyed the bolg!!
    Keep them coming..

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