I have a total of three plants in three pots – two Curry Leaf plants that die and are reborn almost every month and one Hibiscus Rosa that doesn’t flower anymore even though it’s cousins in the lawns below are throwing up all kinds of reds and whites – there’s three weeds growing in these pots and I’m letting them be to see what comes.

I’m a huge Basil fan and since I’ve been unable to find any basil seeds / cuttings in my local area / markets, I decided to do an experiment – bought a handful of packets of fresh basil leaves at the supermarket and dunked the three best prospective stalks in a glass jar in water and put it next to my glass window. Two rotted and the third sprouted a root and has been potted in soil today. I can see one tiny green leaf trying to poke it’s way out at one of the nodes – but no guarantees yet!

The above image shows the potted Basil stalk – the leaves on it are the ones that came with the stalk. I’ve tried to show the tiny new one sprouting in the photograph below – no marco lens so using the 18-55mm.

The Basil’s been potted in a large white plastic jar that originally contained protein supplements. I still don’t know what to do with the cut-off top – but it sure does look interesting and made some spotlight type of light effects using the on-camera flash.

Experiment till you find what you’re looking for – through the viewfinder.

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    1. Thank you Mohit. Well talent isn’t enough if people don’t know about it – and that’s the aim of the blog – I thought it was a good excuse to take some artsy shots – the plastic jar *did look good!

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