The Prodigy headlined at The Invasion Fest and I got to photograph the concert in New Delhi, alongwith Shiv Ahuja and Kunal Kakodkar. I owe one to NH7 and Invasion Fest for getting me in the photographers’ pit. We were allowed to shoot only the first three songs by the band [ and the rest of the bands before The Prodigy came on the stage ] and because the light setup was so brilliant [ it looked FAB! and it was powerful – not very helpful when photographing! ], the photography was a bit of a pain.

I’ve managed to salvage some but because I got too many photographs from the rest of the event, I will be doing another blog post with images from the rest of the InvasionFest.

Above : Liam Howlett’s laptop being setup by support before the start of the gig.

The concert stage in all it’s glory. At the HUDA Grounds, Gurgaon, right before The Prodigy came on.

Keith Flint, was, unfortunately, wearing a jacket – couldn’t catch any of his tattoos. Neon green microphone? #win

Rob Holliday started with jumping on top of the drums setup.

Maxim’s tattoos are to DIE for! He hasn’t aged at all!

Keith Flint with Rob Holliday.

Maxim has a very powerful presence on stage – he even got off the stage and walked in the badly-lit and wire-jumbled space between the crowd or a bit. Love his dreads and his tattoos. The band still has the same energy and kept the crowd on it’s toes. Our very own @shadeheart, even in the chill of the night, had his clothes SOAKED with sweat after all the jumping and head-banging with The Prodigy.

Liam Howlett.

I’ll leave the rest of the images to do the talking – below is drummer Leo Crabtree.

It was, quite a show! Certainly did not expect The Prodigy to play the songs they did! #superWin! We all LOVE what NH7 and the Invasion Festival are doing for music in India! Thank you @paperslut ! Cheers! (You can see images by Shiv Ahuja and those on the NH7 website with more details on the gig, as it happened.)



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  1. WOW! FANTASTIC WORK!! 🙂 Glad I wasn’t in the photographer’s pit for once in spite of the brilliant lighting. Got to do some headbanging and bouncing around. Best gig I have attended till date, BY FAR!!

  2. superb photography…i must say….the timing, light,.. everyuthing is so perfect..i cant help but distribute this link to all my friends and colleagues to show them what they missed..keep up the good work m/

  3. the moments, lights, d artists in the concert r beautifully captured,,, i trippped so much dat nite on d bright lights and bass.. C’ing da pixx again kinda teleported me bak to 15th jan, huda grnds..
    Gr8 wurk..!

  4. Love ’em All !!!



    AWWWSUM pics … !!


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