As part of the CSSG Gastronomy Summit, 2012, I had photographed a few excellent Chefs over 3 days. I’ve also been trying to convert my images into items of print rather than have them simply be-at-home on my hard drives. I decided to create photo books for each of the Chefs and wanted to send those to them for New Years / Christmas. While the books were a breeze thank to @blurbbooks, I had a wild-goose-chase time trying to find flat boxes to put the books in so I could mail / courier the gifts to the Chefs.

I looked everywhere – literally. I had leads to exquisite wood boxes, really expensive plain-color boxes from Lajpat Nagar, online stores and whatnot. But I couldn’t fin anything that was gorgeous, did not add substantial weight to the shipment and wasn’t more expensive than the books themselves. Till @akanksharedhu from @label_cirare stepped in and decided to make lovely brocade and silk covers for each of the books. How gorgeous are these! And I love me a custom job.

Label Cirare, Silk & Brocade cloth book cases for Photo books for Michelin Star Chefs, photographed by Lifestyle photographer, blogger Naina Redhu of

All the Chefs have now received their gifts – which is why I can blog about it – and each one of them has appreciated the book and has mentioned they loved the touch of the exquisite book covers. A big Yay! for Cirare there. They’ve got some gorgeous clutches and scarves in their latest collection and are always taking custom orders too. Check them out!