( All images are from the Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2014. The title of the post has no bearing to the quality / creativity of the show / pieces or the designer duo. I’m just not in the mood to belt out the same images of models at the head of the catwalk – there are a hundred other places to see those images. I wanted to capture what I had in mind – especially this season when the crowd is small and people are complaining of “fashion fatigue” – when this is the first season of fashion I’ve truly enjoyed. Fashion is fleeting – this is all a huge marketing and business exercise and if you’re in the business of fashion, Fashion Weeks all across the world celebrate all the aspects. It’ll all be gone before long, enjoy it while it lasts – and no, I don’t mean that the economy is trash – I mean life, like fashion, is fleeting. Thank you to the designers for the shine and the shimmer and the gilt and sparkly sequins. )



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